lördag 28 juni 2014

One year with my Brompton

I bought my Brompton in May last year. I had for a long time been eager to get one. What really had got me interested was the versatility. Easy foldable in just a couple of seconds and to bring it on public transportation. But what I did not know was how good a bike a Brompton is when it comes to cycling longer tours. It is a bike ride of 30 km to my place of work. I find myself biking all the way quite often in stead of folding it and bring it on the bus. I have the two speed version with an S-type bar. I wanted a not so heavy bike and the three and six speed versions combined with other types of bars than the S-type increases the weight approximately one kilo.

My Brompton has changed my life completely. The bike is exactly what I have been looking for quite a long time. The Brompton brochure says "A Brompton sets you free from the constraints imposed by the combustion engine, weather, transport systems, bike thieves and other hassles". Exactly so!

Her are some pictures from various situations and locations where I have been biking with my Brompton.

Outside Stockholm City Hall on my way to work. One of the most beautiful buildings in the world.

On the bus.

At the office

When travelling. A bikebag and a backpack is all you need.

When sailing.

Cycling on islands is great after a couple of days sailing.

On my way to the river for some salmon fishing.

The beautiful river Gaula in Norway.

In snow at Idre Mountain Resort.

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